Making Art out of Waste with El Anatsui

To see more photos and videos from El Anatsui’s sculptures, explore the Bass Museum of Art location page and browse the #elanatsui hashtag on Instagram.

Ghana sculptor El Anatsui finds inspiration in the waste caused by modern consumption. He creates colorful wall sculptures out of discarded aluminum bottle caps, seals and labels produced by local distilleries in Nigeria, where he’s lived for most of his career.

El Anatsui’s current exhibit, Gravity and Grace, features twelve monumental sculptures on show at Miami’s Bass Museum of Art (@bassmuseumofart).

Next, the exhibit will be installed in other institutions across the United States, each time with a unique approach: El Anatsui encourages those installing the pieces to influence them by squeezing, stretching or reshaping the sculptures to best fit the space and context.


Just in case you missed this earlier…SHARKNADO!!! Learn how to make your own costume. 


Ore’s Advice for Life

Just lay there.

Lick your ass when you have too but only on the dining room table when everyone is watching.

Eboni is just an attention hog. 

"Scooting" on the blanket. In front of a guest no less. Paaaleeese so obvious.

The Garden May 21, 2013.

Moved the Hollyhock from the back veggie bed to along the side of the barn with the Day Lilies. I’m hoping for the lovely look I saw by Elizabeth’s neighbor. The tall flower against the barn should be just what I want.

New veggie gardens this year. Cleaned out the herb garden of over growth.

New bed on the side front yard for pumpkins and sunflowers. Hoping this warm sunny area produces better than the cooler back yard come September.

I purchased Sea Peas this year for the first time in so many years. I’ll try growing them at the back of the herb garden or maybe the back garden where I had them many years ago

The Scarlet Runners will go back to the side of the garden under the deck where they were successful about 5 years ago. I moved them to the side bed along the trail but it was just too poor a soil, dry and hot for them to grow.

More veggies this year. I’m taking on the veggie garden myself this year. Scott I hope will help but I’m under not illusion that I will do the lioness share of this work.

Each year he would get so optimistic and energetic but lose steam once the work and heat began. I know he’ll help if I ask directly.

Veggie Garden 2013:



Turnip/ Rutabaga




Pumpkins (Jack be little)

Sunflowers (Kong & Ring of Fire)


How I see myself….somedays

There are some days…

and just some days I see myself this way.

No day in particular, just a day as any other day.

A day of service to others by no fault of my own.

Service is necessary.

Unwelcome as a boil some days but accepted as a hair cut the next.

I dare say, the service task…what one is being asked to do is the determining factor of which identity I will assume.

I don’t mind this “me”.

Most times I completly welcome her as if proof …I am a women… as society would wish I would see myself and remain… but alas…I change back into my third wave goddess.

Here it is….

Here it is.

Being a parent can just plain SUCK!!


You want to fix all your childrens’ problems but sometime no matter how hard you try or want to…..

YOU CAN’T…you just can’t.

It’s there problem and they have to fix it by realizing they made a or many mistakes and it’s time to make things right.

They know what is right because you taught them but they don’t always realize that until the mistake takes over and fucks shit up about their lives.

They need to know you can fix everything. EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE.

You just have to get back on track on the right road for you and kick away the crap.

Just STOP what you are doing that is making you unhappy with yourself and begin to DO what makes you happy.

You will be a better, happier and healthy person but more important you will love yourself again.

Children……..the job that never allows for a vacation but a thrilling ride.

The Neighbours and Monday Stuff.

I’m out on my deck watching the neighbours struggle with what looks like a bone saw from CSI.I have zero intention of offer assistance. I’m just trying to sit still and not make any sudden moves to attract their unwanted attention that may result in some of my body parts damaged or missing.

Who has a bone saw in a residental area? Really! That shit is just so fucked up!!

Monday Stuff. Defined…stuff that only happens or is noticed on Monday. Such as..not having your clothes ironed, lunch made, or desire to show up to work. Monday Stuff. More on Monday Stuff as more Monday’s appear and are experienced.


Non working and non doing anything but video game Children.

Help me I think I’m falling ….into every Summer experience with my non working non doing anything but video game Children.

Mow the lawn.

Water the potted plants.

These may seem like small chores / tasks that could be done with plenty of spare free time for the remainder of the day. So why are my non working and non doing anything Children still sitting in the basement playing video games and ignoring my simple reguests?

Is life too easy?

While their father and me working full time (sometimes more) to support the household and all it’s toys do we enable our children to be Non-working and non-doing anything but video game Children?

I do believe that is a major issue. So I have come up with a simple plan to target this and these issues. As of tonight if the work is not completed the internet will be cut off for my children. Cable will be canceled. PS3, Game Cube and Wii will become front lawn planters for my annuals (that I’ll purchase special).

What am I missing?

I know they find joy in other things and I will track them down one by one and take all that happy joy away. Seems only fair since that take my joy away with extra work and anxiety. Fair turn about I say.

Kiss your joy away children. Tomorrow you will be feed, watered, clothed, and shelter provided but that’s it. Oh, love will always be there no matter what. For even if they are non-working and non doing anything but video game children….I love the beyond my own life.

Luv ya!